NuGo Fan of the Month: John Hakim

NuGo Fan of the Month: John Hakim

John Hakim, a criminal defense attorney who enjoys running and mountain biking, has been a loyal fan of NuGo bars since 2008. At the age of 45, John describes himself as being in the best shape of his life. “My resting heart rate, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, body fat and skeletal muscle percentages are as good, if not better, than most in shape men in their late 20s. NuGo Nutrition is a major part of my healthy lifestyle.” John’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle began six years ago after a major health scare.

John was unaware that he had high blood pressure until one day in 2008 when he was taken from his office by ambulance to the hospital, where he remained for four days with uncontrolled hypertension. John reflects, “I was not really heavy, nor a bad eater, but after that scare I changed my diet and exercise routine dramatically. I became very conscious of the amount of sodium in foods. I started running almost every day and keeping to a 2,100 calorie diet.”

One afternoon at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike, John accidentally discovered NuGo bars. After his health scare, he refused to eat fast food for lunch and decided instead to read nutrition labels on many protein bars at a convenience store. John says, “I was very impressed with the calorie, fat and sodium info of NuGO Organic Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Dark Chocolate Almond. I figured ‘here’s my 400 calorie, 20 grams of protein lunch!’ I bought a bottle of water and hit the road. I fell in love with great taste and great nutrition of NuGo and started hunting down where to find them.”

For breakfast every weekday, John eats NuGO Organic Dark Chocolate Pomegranate, a banana, and black coffee. For snack or dessert at night, he eats NuGo Family Vanilla Yogurt or NuGO FREE Dark Chocolate Trail Mix. He has liked every NuGo flavor he has tried and even eats NuGO STRONGER Caramel Pretzel sometimes after a really hard workout or as a meal replacement. That adds up to 10-15 NuGo bars per week and a large order of 15 boxes every few months!

Today, John runs between 15 and 25 miles per week. During mountain biking season, he bikes 12 to 15 miles per week. He always reads nutrition labels and still eats what he loves, but in smaller quantities. We love that John introduces many people to NuGo bars, including his sister-in-law, who took NuGo bars to Peru for her special dietary needs. Thank you John for being a terrific fan and an inspiration on how to live a healthy lifestyle!

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