NuGo Fan of the Month: Michelle Bakal

NuGo Fan of the Month: Michelle Bakal

In the beginning of 2015, Michelle started her weight loss journey at 380 pounds. Now, she has lost 150 pounds. For over a decade, Michelle has been vegan. She counts macros and looks for bariatric-friendly, high protein, low sugar, low carb, and low-fat food. Michelle explained how she found NuGo Slim after her Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG).

“I had VSG on October 30, 2017. I started eating NuGo protein bars once I was allowed solid food and started my search because I couldn’t keep protein shakes down. NuGo Slim is very bariatric friendly as far as stats go with nutrition labels, and it sits well with my new stomach!”

Her favorite flavors are vegan NuGo Slim Espresso, Crunchy Peanut Butter, and Toasted Coconut. She loves that they’re so high in protein and low in sugar, fitting perfectly with her dietary needs, while tasting good and being vegan. Michelle described how she eats two NuGo Slim bars per day and her joy for vegan NuGo Slim.

“I eat one NuGo Slim bar for breakfast every day, so seven days a week. I also eat one NuGo Slim bar after I work out, which is six days a week. So, I eat 13 bars per week. I love them!

I’ve been eating NuGo bars for six months now. I tried every vegan protein bar under the sun and couldn’t get into any of them. They all tasted chalky, or oily. And I’ve been looking for one that was chocolate coated for a while. But none of them were vegan. As soon as I tried vegan NuGo Slim bars, I bought five boxes right away because I was hooked and they met my macro goals and dietary restrictions perfectly. I haven’t eaten any other protein bar ever since.”

Michelle works as a certified level one meditation instructor for an outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys rock climbing at The Ledge in Liverpool, New York, playing lacrosse, and doing interval/circuit training at Rise Above Wellness in Lyncourt, New York.

She shared this great weight loss tip.

“A tip would be that everything is okay in moderation. And progress, not perfection. I didn’t get to the point I’m at now overnight. Indulge sometimes, and don’t beat yourself up when you slip. Sometimes falling is part of the journey. But if it were easy, everyone would do it. That’s what makes us stand out from the rest. The drive, determination, and focus it takes to live a healthier lifestyle. A lifestyle that can change our health, our mind, and our outlook for the better.”

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