NuGo Fan of the Month: Michelle Hennessy

NuGo Fan of the Month: Michelle Hennessy

As a stay-at-home mom to an infant, an army wife, and a student, Michelle knows the importance of clean protein snacks to fuel her busy day. She also knows the importance of finding balance in all things: parenthood, relationships, fitness, and food. After recently completing her master's degree in clinical nutrition, she is waiting to take her certification exam. Michelle is also working towards getting her personal training certificate. Once those steps are completed, she will combine nutrition and training to aid others in healing their bodies and feeling healthier.

Four years ago, Michelle tried NuGo bars for the first time when she saw them at Whole Foods. She tried NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip first, was in love immediately, and has never looked back! Recently, Michelle tried NuGo Protein Cookies.

“I am a foodie so I will literally try anything and everything at least once. So, I give all of the new protein cookies a go. So far, nothing touches NuGo Nutrition. They are the best by a MASSIVE margin. Thank God I always stay in stock. My all-time favorite is NuGo Double Chocolate Protein Cookies, though I love all of the cookie flavors immensely!”

Now, Michelle eats NuGo 5-6 times a week, usually midday. Her husband is an active duty army Staff Sergeant, and she always packs a NuGo bar in his lunch.

“For a lighter snack, my favorite is NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel. I can't say enough how delicious all of NuGo’s products are, and I constantly tell people (including my nutrition clients that I'm seeing to complete my certification hours!). I like that there is a healthy amount of protein in NuGo bars without overloading like a lot of products do, and the ingredients are clean, not filler type ingredients that other companies use. And, the taste is out of this world!”

In October 2016, a few months prior to getting pregnant, Michelle competed on a NPC figure bodybuilding competition show. She loves weight lifting and bodybuilding, and plans to compete again. Outside of that sport, she loves hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking, and just being outdoors in general.

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