NuGo Fan of the Month: Miranda Mercke

NuGo Fan of the Month: Miranda Mercke

Four months ago, a friend gave Miranda her first NuGo bar as a birthday present. Ever since then, she has been obsessed with NuGo! She loves that there are so many real dark chocolate coated NuGo protein bars, especially NuGo Slim.

Miranda Mercke is a certified personal trainer, former Division 1 swimmer at University of Missouri, and educator at Lululemon. She is passionate about fitness. Now that she is done competitively swimming, she still swims for exercise, but has also ventured into crossfit and lifting.

She eats five NuGo bars per week. Her favorite flavor is NuGo Slim Chocolate Mint. Although Miranda loves NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel, NuGo Slim bars are better for her nutrition needs. She also eats NuGo Slim Raspberry Truffle and Brownie Crunch.

Miranda described her healthy lifestyle and what she likes best about NuGo bars.

“I like to live a very healthy life, which includes nutrition. I have a well-balanced diet that includes protein, fruits, vegetables and some carbs. NuGo Slim bars are perfect for me because they have a lot of protein and a little amount of sugar and carbs. They also taste amazing…If you haven't tasted a NuGo bar, you honestly should. They are delicious and a perfect snack to have after a tough workout. I haven't tasted one that I don't like, and I get excited to eat one almost every day.’’

Creating new recipes for her family and blog is another passion of hers. The Mercke family is very into fitness and nutrition as well. They work out every day, and she is planning on introducing them to NuGo bars.

Read Miranda’s blog, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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