NuGo Fan of the Month: Team DiCristo

NuGo Fan of the Month: Team DiCristo

Professional Trainer Chris DiCristo and Professional Chef Pamela Loreal met almost two years ago during Pamela’s weight loss journey. Coach Chris helped Chef Pamela lose over 80 pounds. Then, they became close friends and joined forces to create DiCristo Fitness, a combination of fitness and healthy meals.

Pamela is a southern comfort chef who went to school in New Orleans, and lived in NYC and Australia. Chris is from New Jersey, and lived in NYC for 15 years. He became interested in health and fitness in his late teens, after spending several years being bullied in school. Chris currently works as a trainer in Los Angeles and San Diego, and is growing his client roster at a rapid speed. They both enjoy Hitt training, hiking, beach workouts, running, biking, and boxing.

Chris and Pamela eat a total of 28 NuGo bars in one week, four per day! They start every day with NuGo Dark. After Pamela’s cancer returned, they decided to go vegan, in an effort to make the best of her treatments. That meant that the bars they were used to eating were no longer an option. Two months ago, they found NuGo, and now they buy many boxes each month. Chis and Pamela are huge fans of NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel. They explained their search for a delicious vegan protein bar.

“Every other vegan bar we tried was awful. Finally we came across NuGo Dark, and we were hooked from the first bite. Besides the fact that it's vegan, we love the taste...honestly... it's just that simple.”

Chis and Pamela are planning to open a gym in 2017. The focus of the gym is teens and adults who are overweight, suffer from low self-esteem, bullying, and negative body image. “It's going to be a safe place for them to build confidence, learn about positive body image, effective communicating, and learn to love, live, and become the healthiest version of themselves,” said Chris.

Pamela just received wonderful news that she won the battle for the third time with breast cancer! Chris and Pamela are celebrating her clear test results and sticking to their healthy eating and fitness routine.

Follow DiCristo Fitness on Instagram and Facebook, and visit their website. Also follow Pam and Chris on Instagram.

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