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NuGo Loves REAL Dark Chocolate

People need to remember that chocolate can be healthy for you. But just like everything else, it needs to be eaten in moderation. Sites like this,, state chocolate is healthy. But not all chocolate is created equal and some can even be fake. Be sure to check all products for REAL Chocolate ingredients.

The biggest problem with the chocolate industry right now is that companies are getting away with not using real chocolate. Chocolate needs to have a non fat solid (like cocoa powder) and a fat portion: cocoa butter. Many companies are substituting a cheaper vegetable fat alternative (palm kernel oil or even worse, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil) for cocoa butter. At this time, there are no regulations for Dark Chocolate. Our company is petitioning the FDA for an identity for REAL Dark Chocolate. Join us in our petition and find out more information at .

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