NuGo Nutrition Goes to Shanghai

Kathy just returned from a two and a half month trip around the world. As the picture below shows she always takes her NuGo bars with her! This picture was taken in Shanghai, in front of the world’s (currently) tallest building right before opening her last bar.


“This time I had to take a smaller suitcase and I couldn’t fit all the boxes of NuGo bars that I wanted to take. But my husband told me that even Admiral Byrd had to send provisions ahead when he went to the South Pole. So I packed 3 NuGo boxes with me to use in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico City and Machu Picchu, Peru; when we arrived in Chile - there were 3 more boxes waiting at the hotel!”

Even though Kathy loves her NuGos she does share her favorite nutrition bar with others, “I’ve already gotten an email from a couple from New Jersey that said the NuGo bars I gave them ‘saved them’ on their long journey home!” According to Kathy NuGo Nutrition bars should be on every packing list for trips.They are great for plane flights, backpacks, purses and emergency situations.

Thanks Kathy! Keep the NuGo pictures coming! We love them!!

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