NuGO Organic Supports Hike from Mexico to Canada

Anna and Chris are hiking from Mexico to Canada, 2650 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. We are proud to support them on their impressive adventure. They sent us a photo of Anna with NuGO Organic Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and a great email.

We are excited to report that we have walked the first 1,800 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, fueled in part by your bars. We have just crossed the border from California into Oregon, and we are right on schedule to complete the trail at the end of September.

Thank you so much for sponsoring us on this incredible journey. It has been wonderful to enjoy such tasty, nutritious food as we hike.”

Visit their blog to read about the exciting journey and see stunning photos. They started hiking on April 19, 2012. We wish Chris and Anna continued success as they complete the trail in September 2012.

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