NuGo Travels: Biking from Pittsburgh to DC

NuGo Travels: Biking from Pittsburgh to DC

Three members of the NuGo Koeles bike team, Jeff Curry, Derek Reager, and Dave Jackson, recently biked 335 miles from Pittsburgh to DC, taking many fantastic photos along the way. They began their journey in Pittsburgh along the Great Allegheny Passage and then continued on the C&O Canal Towpath, which connects Cumberland to DC. While the Great Allegheny Passage was built on abandoned rail beds and offers a fairly level, smooth ride on limestone, the C&O Canal Towpath was built for mules and drops 625 feet to sea level.

It is impressive that Jeff, Derek, and Dave completed their journey in only four days, despite a flat tire near the beginning and a broken spoke 35 miles from the finish. In one day, they rode an astonishing 111 miles! To see many beautiful photos of their trip, search the tag #nugotodc on Instagram. We love that they even stopped to take a photo of NuGO Organic.

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