NuGo Video Contest Winners

NuGo Video Contest Winners

We received so many great entries in our video contest that it was difficult to pick just one winner. It was impressive to see several fans using their creativity and sharing their passion for NuGo REAL Dark Chocolate protein bars!


The Winner

The winner of 365 NuGo bars is Lake Sliger! Lake made an extremely fun and creative video about a caveman.

Lake told us that he is 15-years-old and was the editor, director, cinematographer, producer, and writer of the video. His brother Ridge, 17, was the lead actor, and the caveman was their 16-year-old friend, Austin.

The Runner-up

The runner-up is Melanie Mazer, who wins eight boxes of NuGo bars! Melanie made an upbeat video that uses numerous adjectives in a creative way to describe REAL Dark Chocolate.

Melanie is a sophomore at the University of Oregon, where she is majoring in Business Management. Melanie first tried NuGo bars when she was in the hospital suffering with undiagnosed gluten intolerance.

I literally couldn’t eat anything without having stomach problems and the only time I never had a stomach problem was when I ate this bar. I ended up falling in love with it (clearly my favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip).”

You can view all the entries on our YouTube playlist. A big thanks to all our loyal customers who entered! We greatly appreciate each video that we received. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and share these fun videos with your friends.

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