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Praise for NuGo's Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt Bar

If you haven’t shopped NuGo lately, you may not have had the opportunity to try out some of our newer bars. Which means you could be missing out on some of our most popular flavors yet! So what’s been happening in the world of NuGo Nutrition? Well, people have been loving our REAL dark chocolate bars so much that we added two more flavors: Peanut Butter Cup and Pretzel with Sea Salt. While most people have long enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter combination, many are now discovering the amazingness of mixing salty with sweet. And the combination of dark chocolate with salty pretzels is one of the best yet.

We absolutely love this fabulous review we got from blogger XC Foodie who has been enjoying our pretzel bars lately. She says:

“The best part of this is that the sea salt granules are visibly sprinkled on top and you can actually enjoy the taste and texture of the salt at the same time as the sweet, creamy chocolate melts in your mouth. It’s made with soy protein and natural sugars so it’s a winner in the ingredients department as far as a protein bar goes.”

XC Foodie also has a pretty sweet mantra that goes like this, “Run. Run Faster. Eat. Eat Slower.” Of course, we hope she keeps using NuGo bars as fuel to help her run faster (recent studies show this could be just one of the benefits of eating REAL dark chocolate)!

Let us know all about why you love NuGo and we might feature your review here. And don’t forget to check out our whole line of REAL dark chocolate NuGo bars.

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