Skip Yourself Slim: Video of 5 Jump Rope Exercises

Skip Yourself Slim: Video of 5 Jump Rope Exercises

If you’re looking for a terrific calorie burn, I’ve got a great workout for you! But first, you’ll have to take a little trip — or better yet, a little skip — down memory lane. Time to whip out your jump ropes, boys and girls! Today we get old school with our fitness.

So why jump rope? Well for one, it’s a fantastic total body workout. It burns major calories, torches fat fast and beautifully sculpts your shoulders, chest, arms, legs and even abs without the need for a gym membership or fancy fitness equipment. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, jumping rope burns approximately 500 calories per hour for a 100-pound person, while a 200-pound individual would burn 1,000 calories per hour. Sounds awesome, right?!

Check out the video below now, and start learning how to skip yourself slim with these five simple jump rope exercises!

Watch Skip Yourself Slim with 5 Simple Jump Rope Exercises

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