The Magic Spell in NuGO Slim

The Magic Spell in NuGO Slim

We received so many great reviews of NuGO Slim almost sugar-free high protein bars, but this new review from Mary at Fervent Foodie is one of our favorites.

What’s ASTOUNDING about these bars is the taste. Apparently the folks at NuGo concocted some sort of magic spell that makes 2 grams of sugar sufficient without the need for fake sugars or sugar alcohols.

Let me repeat. These bars taste GREAT and they only have 2g of sugar. Real sugar, not the fake crap. My world has been rocked.

The magic spell she is referring to is Real dark chocolate and chicory root. We discovered this revolutionary potion, which allows us to make a delicious low sugar protein bar without artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Fervent Foodie describes the bad aftertaste and gastric problems associated with sugar alcohols.

Every low sugar bar I’ve tried to date has come up short. Quest Bars, Think Thin Bars, Atkins Bars… all absolutely horrible in my opinion. The most common failures for these low sugar bars are the texture and that horrible taste fake sugars give things. Blegh! I hate that… just thinking about it makes my teeth hurt! Not to mention that the sugar alcohols always seem to upset my stomach and make me regret eating the low sugar bar in the first place.

Mary wrote that she has searched for years to find a tasty low sugar bar since she is hypoglycemic. We are delighted that Mary has finally found her magic treasure!

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