Toast Tuesday

Toast Tuesday

Toast Tuesday is a social phenomenon that has changed breakfast on Tuesday and every day of the week, if we’re being honest. Whether you use actual toast, rice cakes, fruit, or something else, there are so many ways to toast it! We break down our 4 favorite Toast Tuesday recipes below.

1. First off, our favorite Toast Tuesday recipe is making our bar the toast because who really needs toast when you have NuGo bars? They make the perfect open-faced sandwich or you can even cut them in half for the classic sandwich look. In this example we just used NuGo Dark Peanut Butter Cup and added extra peanut butter because can you really have too much pb?

2. Second, we have the gluten-free option of Rice Cakes! If you have never had these… you need to try them out. They do come in all different flavors but we prefer the plain ones with toppings! Lots and lots of toppings! For this example, we tried yogurt with blackberries, almond butter with raspberries, apple butter, and peanut butter & strawberries, of course all topped with NuGo Dark bar pieces!

3. Next, we love using fruit as the “toast”! In this example we blended the classic peanut butter and banana with NuGo Free Trail Mix! It’s a great way to enjoy your morning fruit and NuGo bar!

4. Finally, we have to have a classic Toast Tuesday! You can’t go wrong with peanut butter, banana, NuGo Slim Brownie Crunch and chia seeds on top of your favorite kind of toast.

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