Celiac Disease

Top 5 Celiac Disease Resources

Top 5 Celiac Disease Resources

Are you or a family member newly diagnosed with celiac disease and looking for the best gluten-free resources from reliable sources? These five celiac resources will help you live a happy and healthy gluten-free life.

1. Beyond Celiac, formerly known as The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, has many excellent Printable Guides, including the brand new Getting Started Guide, which is a comprehensive 48-page guide to everything you need to know!

2. The GlutenFreeTravelSite has thousands of user-submitted reviews of restaurants, cruises, colleges, and more. You can easily search online or download the free app called Dine Gluten Free.

3. When you need to know if a prescription or OTC drug is gluten-free, Gluten-Free Drugs is a reliable resource that is continually updated by a clinical pharmacist.

4. When you have a question about celiac disease or gluten-free life, the Celiac Listserv is one of the best places to get answers.

5. When you are looking for delicious gluten-free recipes, you are sure to find what you are looking for on Pinterest, where you can connect with many gluten-free bloggers.

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