Valentine’s Day Contest Winners

We received so many great poems, stories, songs, and photos showing your love for NuGo protein bars that it was hard to pick the winners. While we didn’t receive any videos, we did receive one amazing drawing from Christoff Gutheil, an artist, that wins the prize of four boxes of NuGo bars!

“I hearts me some NuGo!!” Christoff Gutheil

The winner of two boxes of NuGo bars is Jessica Levine, who made this fantastic illustrated poem:

The End…Now go get a NuGo bar!

Here is one of the many poems we liked. This one was written by Stefanie Schmidt.


NUGO bars are such a delight,

Tasty nutrition in every bite.

They keep me happy and really glad,

Finally chocolate that isn’t bad.

Natural goodness in every bar,

My favorite snack in the world by far.

Each bar is good and keeps me slim,

Maintains my weight when I’m not at the gym.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter are some of my faves,

Finally a nutrition bar that gets all the raves.

A great tasting snack that is good for you too,

I love NUGO through and through!

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and delighted us with NuGo love! Winners should email their shipping address and which flavors of NuGo bars they would like. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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