Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Win a NuGo T-Shirt

Update: The scavenger hunt is now over.

To celebrate summer and our new T-shirts, we are having a virtual scavenger hunt. Five winners will get a NuGo Dark shirt in your choice of small, medium, or large. Be one of the first five people to correctly answer all 10 questions by sending us an Email and you get a T-shirt! All answers can be found on our website. When we have five winners, we will post a comment on this post and announce it on Twitter and Facebook. Limit one shirt per household, and winners must live in the continental US. Good luck!

1. How many gluten-free bars does NuGo make?

2. Is there a FDA standard of identity for dark chocolate?

3. What ingredient do other companies use in place of REAL Dark Chocolate?

4. Which NuGo bar was on the Today Show?

5. What is the name of the guest blogger who wrote Gluten-Free Travel Tips from a Globetrotter?

6. Where does NuGo donate a portion of all sales (name of charity)?

7. What store in Edmonton, Canada carries NuGo bars?

8. How many vegan bars does NuGo make?

9. How many grams of sugar in NuGO Slim?

10. How many grams of fiber are in NuGO FREE Dark Chocolate Trail Mix?

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