What Makes Your Dad STRONGER?

What Makes Your Dad STRONGER?

It’s almost Father’s Day! Whether they’re fighting overseas or teaching algebra across town, our dads make their country, their communities, and their families stronger every single day. It’s the perfect time to honor their contributions on June 15th.

This month, NuGo Nutrition wants to know what makes your dad stronger. Did he teach you to swim or ride a bike? Coach youth sports? Compete in triathlons? Leave a comment below with what makes your dad stronger for a chance to win a box of NuGO Stronger bars for your father or the special dad in your life. Three people who live in the continental US will win an assorted box of NuGO STRONGER. The giveaway ends on June 14, 2014, and the winners will be announced on Father’s Day (June 15th).

If your father is active, he needs protein. We sat down with Anne Marie Kuchera, a nutritionist and registered dietician in the Pittsburgh area, to learn more about the importance of protein for athletes and active adults. She said, “Protein is an important part of any athlete’s diet. (They) require more protein than inactive people do.” She goes on to specify, “Endurance athletes will use some protein as fuel. For this reason, and because of heavy training, they require more protein than other athletes. Strength training athletes need an increased amount of protein, particularly during initial phases of training (first 3-6 months) when muscle gain is most pronounced. Consuming adequate energy and protein is critical for building muscle mass.”

With 25-27 grams of rBGH-free whey protein, delicious gluten-free NuGO Stronger bars will make a great gift for your active dad this Father’s Day. After all, he’s always been there for you. Doesn’t he deserve the very best?

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