What's in Your Bar?

Our customers are always saying that NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip protein bar tastes just like a Thin Mint cookie. So, when we heard about Nestle Crunch making limited edition Girl Scout Thin Mints candy bars, we decided to compare them. The Girl Scout candy bars are a good example of dark chocolate deception- calling a bar dark chocolate on the front of the package, but not using REAL dark chocolate in the ingredients! While many protein bars are merely candy bars in disguise, take a look at this chart to see how NuGo is different.

Karen Broussard, founder and president of the Gluten-Free Travel Site, summed it up perfectly in her review.

I told our son, who has been gluten free since before he was two, ‘Now you know what Thin Mint cookies from the Girl Scouts taste like.’ Only NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip bars are really better. And healthier. And natural. And did I mention 10g of protein?!

Best of all, NuGo bars are available year-round at stores across the US, so you can enjoy them anytime! You can also purchase them online. Look for sample packs with free shipping returning this fall. Tell your friends about NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip by repinning this on Pinterest.

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