Why do NuGo protein bars taste so delicious?

Why do NuGo protein bars taste so delicious?

April 23, 2012

NuGo is the only company to make REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles. REAL Dark Chocolate is what you will find coating NuGo Dark, NuGO Organic, NuGO FREE, and NuGO Slim protein bars. Unlike other protein bar manufacturers, NuGo never uses waxy vegetable fats (palm oil) in place of REAL, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.

REAL Dark Chocolate, an antioxidant-rich superfood, has many health benefits and tastes delicious because it is made only from cocoa beans (cocoa butter and non-fat cocoa solids). REAL Dark Chocolate homogenously melts at 89 – 93 degrees, below body temperature, exploding the dark chocolate flavor as it melts in your mouth. Fake chocolate coated snacks substitute vegetable fat, usually palm oil, for cocoa butter, which raises the melting temperature above body temperature, thus the chocolate doesn’t melt in your mouth creating a waxy texture and an overly sweet taste.

The FDA has not set a standard of identity for dark chocolate, allowing the consumer to be misled that they are eating dark chocolate while consuming fake chocolate flavored palm oil (saturated fat). Without a standard of identity, companies can call a product dark chocolate on the front of a package without using REAL Dark Chocolate ingredients!

Read the Truth About REAL Dark Chocolate to learn about the health benefits of eating REAL Dark Chocolate, how fake dark chocolate affects cholesterol, and why other companies coat their bars in fake chocolate. View our special dietary needs chart to see which bars fit your lifestyle. Order boxes of NuGo bars and sample packs online, buy NuGo bars at stores in the US and Canada, or pick up Nutrition To Go (NuGo) at an airport.