NuGo Slim & Dark Featured in Eat This, Not That "20 Best Plant-Based Protein Bars for Total Health"

Reese's Lovers, this peanut butter chocolate soy snack is for you! It's hard to believe that NuGo's rich-tasting bar is actually good for you, but it has everything we look for in a good bar: high protein, a hit of fiber and minimal additives.NuGo is especially great at taking the junk food flavors we love, and transforming them into well-worth it bites. Thin Mint Cookie lovers, this one's for you. This bar serves you all the benefits of a protein bar, but better—it's made with all natural ingredients, has enough protein to fill you until your next meal, and is kept low in fat and in calories.

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Source: http://www.eatthis.com/best-plant-based-protein-bars-for-total-health/

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