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Real Dark Chocolate
NuGo Slim Raspberry TruffleNuGo Slim Raspberry Truffle Bar and Box
Raspberry Truffle Sale price$23.00
Real Dark Chocolate
NuGo Dark Chocolate AlmondNuGo Dark Chocolate Almond Bar and Box
Chocolate Almond Sale price$21.00
Yogurt Covered
NuGo Original Vanilla YogurtNuGo Original Vanilla Yogurt Bar and Box
Vanilla Yogurt Sale price$23.00
Real Dark ChocolateSave 15%
NuGo Slim Toasted CoconutNuGo Slim Toasted Coconut Bar and Box
Toasted Coconut Sale price$19.55 Regular price$23.00
Real Dark Chocolate
NuGo Dark Mocha ChocolateNuGo Dark Mocha Chocolate Bar and Box
Mocha Chocolate Sale price$21.00
Real Milk Chocolate
NuGo Original Peanut Butter ChocolateNuGo Original Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar and Box
Peanut Butter Chocolate Sale price$23.00
Real Dark ChocolateVegan
NuGo Slim Espresso NuGo Slim Espresso Bar and Box
Espresso Sale price$23.00
Real Milk Chocolate
NuGo Original Milk ChocolateNuGo Original Milk Chocolate Bar and Box
Milk Chocolate Sale price$23.00
Young Boy eating NuGo Original Peanut Butter ChocolatePeanut Butter drizzle over NuGo Dark Peanut Butter Cup cut into pieces and stacked

Better Ingredients

You and your family deserve the best. At NuGo Nutrition, we believe that the freshest, healthiest ingredients are also the best tasting. Our nutrition bars are made with wholesome, naturally delicious ingredients.

The Whole Family

Whether you give your child a NuGo bar or grab one for yourself, you can be confident that you’re getting great nutrition and great taste in every bite.