Discover the Benefits of NuGo Slim for Diabetes

People with diabetes can finally enjoy a low glycemic snack bar with high protein that helps minimize sugar spikes or crashes. With a low glycemic index of just 24-29, NuGo Slim® keeps your blood glucose levels in check while allowing you to indulge in delicious real dark chocolate. NuGo Slim bars are free of gluten and maltitol, and feature four vegan, pareve flavors.

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More protein, less sugar.

NuGo Slim® bars have 16-18g of protein, 6-7g of fiber, 5-6 net carbs, only 2-3 g of sugar, and a tested very low glycemic index of 24-29.

Steady Blood Glucose Levels
Steady Blood Glucose Levels

We use Chicory Root Fiber in our NuGo Slim® bars, which has virtually no effect on blood sugar levels because it doesn’t absorb or begin to digest until it reaches the large intestine.

Verified Low Glycemic
Verified Low Glycemic

GI Labs of Toronto, Canada, the experts on the glycemic index, tested the glycemic levels of NuGo Slim, and they have a verified very low glycemic index of 24-29.

Sweet Without Sweetener
Sweet Without Sweetener

Other bars use artificial sweeteners to avoid blood sugar spikes. There are no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols in NuGo Slim® bars. No maltitol. No problem.

Reward yourself with even more health benefits

Over 15g
Under 3g
Very Low
Glycemic Index
Under 200

Indulge your sweet tooth, guilt free!

NuGo Slim® is a great snacking option that can keep you on track to help the "new you" live a longer, happier and healthier life!

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