Compared to the leading bars marketed for diabetes, NuGo Slim® has less sugar, more protein, more fiber and no artificial sweeteners or the sugar alcohol Maltitol. NuGo Slim flavors range from 5 to 6 grams of net carbs. With these nutritional advantages and under medical supervision, NuGo Slim® may be used as part of your diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Carbohydrates make a difference in managing your blood sugar. Slowly digestible carbohydrates break down more slowly and increase blood sugar at a steadier pace to help minimize blood sugar response. The Glycemic Index is the standard that measures how rapidly food is digested. NuGo Slim® bars use all natural chicory root fiber which has virtually no effect on blood glucose levels. Other low sugar protein bars marketed to the diabetic community use Maltitol syrup, a sugar alcohol with a Glycemic Index of 521 that has almost the same rapid digestion as sugar with a glycemic index of 60.

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Research Suggests Artificial Sweeteners Promote Diabetes & Obesity

In 2013 Washington University School of Medicine published a report in Medical News Today stating that artificial sweeteners are linked to increased glucose levels. A recent Israeli study, published in 9/2014, suggests that consuming artificial sweeteners adversely affects the composition of normal. beneficial bacteria in the gut.  This in turn can result in higher blood sugar levels. This impairment, called glucose intolerance, can eventually lead to diabetes. Thus artificial sweeteners may have enhanced the diabetes and obesity epidemics they were intended to fight.2

Weight Loss is Generally a Benefit for Managing Blood Sugar Levels

A healthy weight has long been recommended for
people with diabetes.3 According the Harvard University’s Joslin Diabetes Center, “Fiber is a good thing for people with diabetes. Soluble fiber can lower your cholesterol level and improve blood glucose control if eaten in large amounts.”4 The soluble, natural fiber in NuGo Slim® is a perfect way to increase your fiber and it offers prebiotic benefits that support better digestive health.5

Why do NuGo Slim® Low Sugar Protein Bars Taste Great?

NuGo Slim® is coated in REAL Dark Chocolate. The rich chocolate flavor explodes in your mouth. All other protein and snack bars marketed for diabetes substitute cocoa butter with palm kernel oil that is higher in unhealthy saturated fats and raises the melt point of chocolate above body temperature. When consuming, the fake chocolate does NOT melt in your mouth imparting a waxy texture and too sweet taste.

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