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You Deserve Vegan.

At NuGo, we believe in the power of plants. Our range of certified vegan snacks are packed with plant-based protein and wholesome ingredients to deliciously fuel your vegan lifestyle. So whether you’re vegan, plant-based or simply looking to make better-for-you food choices, indulge worry free in the real dark chocolate decadence you deserve. 

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You Deserve Gluten Free.

Gluten-free living shouldn’t be hard work! Which is why so many of our products are certified gluten-free. NuGo gluten free bars & cookies have high protein & amazing flavor. Indulge with confidence and never sacrifice!

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Fiber d'Lish Cinnamon Raisin

You Deserve Digestive Health.

Increasing fiber is key to improving your digestive health. Diets rich in Fiber are beneficial for weight management, regularity and overall well-being. NuGo offers a variety of products with high fiber and crave-worthy taste. Getting your fiber doesn't have to come from powders, pills, or chalky supplements. You can have taste, texture, and health benefits all in one delicious treat!

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You Deserve Diabetic Friendly.

Low sugar living starts here. People with Diabetes deserve a decadent snack designed to help minimize blood sugar spikes and crashes. NuGo Slim bars are verified by the GI labs in Toronto, Canada with an incredibly low glycemic index score under 29 - certifying slow digestion to help keep healthy, steady blood sugar levels and control appetite while avoiding diet “crashes” and cravings. The ultimate guilt free, diabetic friendly, low glycemic, and high protein snack.

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You Deserve Renal Friendly.

We offer several protein bars that meet the specialized nutrition needs of people on dialysis by replenishing the protein and other nutrients that may be lost during treatment. Snack-friendly and delicious our renal friendly bars are packed with high protein, and low in potassium and phosphorus. 

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You Deserve Low Carb.

Cutting back on carbs? Let us make it easier. Our low carb protein bars are the perfect way to optimize your macros and indulge guilt-free in the decadence of dark chocolate. NuGo Slim and Smarte Carb bars feature low net carbs & lots of high-quality protein to keep you fueled through your busiest days. 

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You Deserve Personlization.

Your health is unique to you. Your nutrition should be too! No matter your goals or dietary needs, we’ve got you covered.

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