NuGo Slim

Low Glycemic Vegan Protein Bars

Always Made with Real Dark Chocolate!

Non-GMO Verified Gluten Free Certified Certified Vegan

Say goodbye to unhealthy alternatives, and say hello to guilt-free, Real Dark Chocolate covered, 3g sugar protein bars.

NuGo Slim® bars have 16-17g of protein, 6-7g of fiber, 6-7 net carbs, only 3g of sugar, and are tested low glycemic. Slim bars are gluten free with no artificial sweeteners or maltitol, and the Slim line features four vegan flavors.

Verified Low Glycemic

Two Girls Holding NuGo Original Laughing

Verified Low Glycemic

Contains vegetable fiber, slow released carb that

Supports Steady Blood Sugar!

Did you know that table sugar and maltitol have virtually the same glycemic response?

Most brands that claim low or no sugar use maltitol! Meaning, you still will get spikes! Not to mention stomach distress. 

Extremely Low GI

NuGo Slim® stands out for its incredibly low Glycemic Index.

When a food is low glycemic, it digests slowly- helping maintain healthy, steady blood sugar levels, curb cravings, and control appetite*.

NuGo Slim bars were independently tested by the GI Labs in Toronto. Canada, verifying an average GI score of 26-31!

*For individuals with blood sugar within normal range. Always consult your physician for bestpractices on managing diabetes.

Girl Holding NuGo Original Vanilla
Two Girls Holding NuGo Original Laughing

Say Goodbye To Sugar Alcohols!

The vegetable fiber in NuGo Slim provides a natural sweetness with virtually no glycemic impact. NuGo Slim uses no artificial sweeteners or maltitol, a sugar alcohol. 

The maltitol syrup used in most other low sugar & sugar free bars has a higher glycemic impact and often causes stomach distress. 

You Deserve Real.

All NuGo Slim and Dark  bars are coated in real dark chocolate! Made with cocoa butter - never palm oil. Indulge in that melt-in-your-mouth experience you know and love!

You Deserve Vegan.

All Dark and four flavors of NuGo Slim are certified vegan! Powered with plant protein, NuGo is one of the most indulgent ways to get the protein you need.

You Deserve This Logo

You Deserve Gluten Free.

No gluten here! You can enjoy all  flavors of NuGo Slim and Dark regardless of whether you can't have gluten or you simply want to avoid it!

You Deserve Taste.

We never use palm oil instead of natural cocoa butter that stops the fake chocolate coated palm oil from melting when consuming, thus imparting a waxy texture and too sweet taste. You deserve NuGo slim’s melt-in-your mouth indulgent taste.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Nut Butter
Peanut Butter Chocolate Nut Butter

         Peanut Butter Chocolate


Nothing beats a classic… And there’s no flavor duo more classic than peanut butter and chocolate! This upgraded classic perfectly combines 7 real food ingredients to create a satisfyingly delicious treat. With 10g plant-based protein in each gluten free bar, you get the long-lasting energy boost your body craves! As an added bonus, a portion of proceeds from this bar is shared with organizations supporting injured fire-fighters. 

        Nuts & Honey


Nuts about honey? Then this gluten free snack for you! Sweet, salty, and simply perfect with just six real food ingredients and 10g of plant protein. NuGo Nuts & Honey deliciously provides everything you need, and nothing you don’t, for sustained energy to fuel your busiest days. To top it off, a portion of the proceeds from this bar is shared with organizations supporting injured fire-fighters.

Nuts and Honey Nut Butter
Nuts and Honey Nut Butter