NuGo gives back.

We believe that nothing is more important than keeping your family healthy and strong. That’s the reason we started NuGo Nutrition, and it will continue to be our guiding principle in the future. Our like-minded desire to do good is what brought us all together, and over the years, we have come to consider ourselves more than just co-workers; we are a family. We take our commitment to each other very seriously, as Michele, one of our own, has learned.

Michele has been with NuGo since the very beginning. She, her husband Joe, and daughter Alexi have been enthusiastically taste-testing our new products for years. At the age of five, Alexi was diagnosed with alopecia, an incurable autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. Though Alexi has lost her hair, she has not lost her determination, energy, and love of life. We, here at NuGo, have been so inspired by Alexi’s unconquerable spirit that we’ve decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP). CAP is the only non-profit devoted specifically to all forms of alopecia. Its mission is to help any child in need who is living with this life-altering disease and build self-esteem so children become stronger teens, more productive adults, and the advocates of tomorrow. To learn more about the disease and the organization please visit their website.

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