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NuGo Slim & Dark Featured in Eat This, Not That “20 Best Plant-Based Protein Bars for Total Health”

Reese’s Lovers, this peanut butter chocolate soy snack is for you! It’s hard to believe that NuGo’s rich-tasting bar is actually good for you, but it has everything we look for in a good bar: high protein, a hit of fiber and minimal additives. NuGo is especially great at taking the junk food flavors we love, and transforming them into well-worth it bites. Thin Mint Cookie lovers, this one’s for you. This bar serves you all the benefits of a protein bar, but better—it’s made with all natural ingredients, has enough protein to fill you until your next meal, and is kept low in fat and in calories.

Foodnavigator-usa features NuGo Slim in “Trendspotting at FNCE”

Nutrition bars often are criticized for having high sugar content that can spike blood glucose levels and pack on unwanted calories. But NuGo Slim bars use chicory root fiber to provide a sweet flavor many consumers desire, but with a low glycemic score of only 24.

NuGo Dark featured in SmartBrief Article on healthy ingredients

"Another brand that’s focused on marrying nutrition and flavor is NuGo Nutrition. The 15-year-old company touts different bars for different dietary styles, all of them made with high-quality dark chocolate that tastes more like candy than health food, said NuGo’s Alyssa Nard."

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