Celiac-Disease.com Reviews NuGo Dark

I love the combination of chocolate and coconut, so I knew this bar would be a hit with me. I was not disappointed! There is a perfect balance of chocolate and coconut throughout this bar.

GoDairy Free Reviews Vegan NuGo bars

I got the chance to try the Dark Chocolate Chip NuGo Nutrition Bar, and found it nicely sweet for an afternoon treat, with a rustic crispy texture and TONS of chocolate.

Lift Write Love Reviews NuGo Dark

These are not ordinary protein bars. The quality can't even compare. NuGo Nutrition uses REAL chocolate and that is obvious in every bit you take.

Josh's Mama Reviews NuGo Dark

They have a crunchy texture inside, and are coated with chocolate (NOT chocolatey stuff, it's the real dark chocolate deal!) They also have fantastic flavor!

Erica Finds Reviews NuGo Dark

I really like them! They are not too sweet because they are made with real dark cacao which is not super sweet like milk chocolate.

Gluten Free in Orlando Reviews NuGo Dark

My two personal favorites are the Chocolate Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Pretzel with sea salt, which is amazing! It's the perfect blend of salty, sweet and crunchy!

Jessie Loves to Run Reviews NuGo Dark

Chocolate Pretzel w/ sea salt: Favorite!! First one I tried, and I completely fell in love. The flavor is right on & you can literally see specs of sea salt throughout the whole bar.

Nutty About Health Reviews NuGo Dark

Mint Chocolate Chip: Ok, hands down, this was my absolute favorite!! It was SO good!! It was crunchy & crisp with sweetness from the chocolate & the hint of mint after. Think of a Thin Mint Cookie – yummy!!! If you’re a mint & chocolate lover, check this one out!! I really, really, want more of this flavor!

Fit Tip Daily Reviews NuGo Dark

Chocolate Pretzel has got to be THEE BEST gluten free, dairy free bar on the market!!! If you have allergies (or even if you don’t) then find this bar and try it out!!!

Mary’s Cup of Tea NuGo Dark

Let’s start with my very favorite, the Mocha Chocolate. If you love the taste of chocolate and coffee mixed together, then this will be your favorite also!

Veggie Food Lover Reviews NuGo Dark

Remember Thin Mint Cookies? You know…those addictive little cookies that the Girl Scouts tempt you with every year? Well, they were my favorite back when I could eat them. And I’ve been without them for two years now. Two long years. Well, I can honestly say that the NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar reminds me of what a Thin Mint Cookie tasted like.

My Crafty Zoo Reviews NuGo Dark

The bars we tried were really good. Even though we aren’t huge fans of dark chocolate, the rich flavor was hard to resist.

Mama Loves Her Bargains NuGo Dark

The combination of the sweet and crunchy filling, the dark decadent chocolate and the amazing sea salt is something I will never get sick of.

Yummy Plants Reviews NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bar

These vegan snack bars are chocolatey, chewy, and extremely filling. I originally discovered these super yummy NuGo Nutrition bars at the Pittsburgh airport, and then realized they are widely distributed in grocery stores, health food stores, and lucky for me, airports across the country.

Kosher Eye Reviews NuGo Dark

NuGo is one of our favorite finds from the summer Fancy Food Show. In addition to their nutritional benefits, the bars taste delicious and are made with real dark chocolate. NuGo offers a large variety of kosher nutrition bars in numerous flavors and with various benefits, but we especially like the dark chocolate line because they are OU parve (dairy–free).

Gluten-free is Life Reviews NuGo Dark

While I love these new flavors, I adore the Dark Chocolate Pretzel and Dark Chocolate Mint. I know what to ask Santa to put in my stocking this year! One of the reasons I like the NuGo Dark line so much is because NuGo Nutrition uses real dark chocolate as opposed to fake dark chocolate made from vegetable oils.

SvelteHealthy Reviews NuGo Nutrition

I was at a wedding this labor day weekend and in the “goody bag” were a few NuGo Bars… among the other ones I’ve tried I must say the Dark Chocolate Pretzel is my favorite.

The Healthy Voyager Reviews NuGo Dark

How many times do you reach for a protein bar to stave off hunger or give you a boost only to be super disappointed or grossed out by its chalky flavor or yucky texture? Well, NuGo Nutrition bars will change all of that! Great flavors with vegan and gluten free options that almost make you feel guilty for eating them they’re so good! Great tasting and good for you.

Gluten-Free Travel Site Reviews NuGo Dark, Slim, and FREE

Our absolute favorite — hands down — was the Chocolate Pretzel. At first bite, it was a surprise…I was not expecting the saltiness. But the addition of sea salt to the pretzel and chocolate combination is pure heaven. We cannot keep these bars in our house…they are virtually gone within a day or two of buying them, as all four of us fight over them and “keep track” of our supply!

U Rock Girl Reviews NuGo Dark and Slim

I’ve tried all of the flavors in the NuGo Dark line as well as the NuGo Slim line and they all rock! Our official taste testers found the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Pretzel flavors in the Dark line to be our favorites, with Peanut butter cup a close third, while the Brownie Crunch in the Slim line was our favorite.

Body by Liz Reviews NuGo Dark

Nugo bars are HUGE !! Way bigger than balance bars, zone bars…they're about the size of a Luna bar entirely covered in a coat of dark chocolate. But the center is made of these really yummy protein crisps, instead of some icky protein blend paste that’s supposed to look like cookie dough or carrot cake or key lime pie. They are SO satisfying.

Treats with a Twist Reviews NuGo Dark

I loved the Chocolate Pretzel bar, because I am a salty/sweet addict. It is made with real dark chocolate (not that fake strange “chocolate” substitute that leaves a weird after-taste).

Artificially Balanced Reviews NuGo Dark

Seriously, Nugo bars are my new favorite food/thing in the world. The first one I tried was the chocolate pretzel with sea salt when I was upstate over the weekend and I literally had to hold back tears this thing was so good. It seems that something that good could never be healthy, but they are definitely Jen(that’s me) approved. Every bite had a touch of sea salt and if you are crazy about salty/sweet combo’s, these will swoon you.

Chocolate Covered Diamonds Reviews NuGo Dark

Thanks to NuGo I have taken one small step away from processed foods and one giant step towards leading a healthy lifestyle. I leave you with this… We started out as friends, but quickly became lovers A naturally protein-packed bar with a physique like no other You leave me wanting more after about a quarter to four I indulge willingly because you’re never a bore A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips Doesn’t apply here because you are perfect bliss! The Rolls Royce of Chocolate

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