GlutenFreeG Reviews NuGo Free

I’ve found my favorite NuGo… I bring Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Trail Mix with me everywhere. I have a box in my cart, a few in my gym bag, at the office, my brother’s house, stuffed in jacket pockets and camel back for outdoor adventures.

Veggie Food Lover Reviews NuGo FREE Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

Every ingredient something I recognize. No chemical names. Nothing that screams cancer-causing badness either. Just wholesome good food…wrapped up in a vegan and gluten-free treat. I devoured it if that is any indication. Honestly…amazing flavor. Every bite had a little bit of salty-sweet to it. It kept the palate interested. And I kept going back for another bite…savoring…yet devouring. It was the perfect snack.

Go Mama Go Reviews NuGo FREE

We found the BEST gluten, dairy and soy free nutrition bars that are just perfect for a quick breakfast or snack.

Living with Healthy Hunger Reviews NuGo FREE

And the Dark Chocolate Trail Mix bar. Also gluten, soy, and dairy free + 9g of protein. The flavor and texture of this bar is so delicious. It reminded me of a real candy bar, but without a list of 30+ unreadable ingredients.

The Gluten Free Traveller Reviews NuGo Slim and FREE

The roasted peanut bar (Slim) has a good texture and bite to it and contains 15g of protein. Most of the protein bars I’ve tried are squishy but this one has some crunch to it. If you like dark chocolate and peanuts then you’ll like this. It tastes just like dark chocolate covered bar form. The Dark Chocolate Trail Mix bar is probably my favourite of the bars I tried. The mixture of sweet nutty granola mix goes well with the dark chocolate making it sweet and tasty.

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