May I Have that Recipe Reviews NuGo Slim

NuGo bars are probably THE best tasting nutrition bar you'll ever have. Made with real chocolate and real ingredients, all flavors and varieties are just awesome.

The Road to Balance

Both bars I tried were entirely coated in rich and creamy chocolate, it was so freaking good.

Trailblazer Girl Reviews NuGo Slim

With 15-17g protein, only 2-3g sugar, 7g fiber and 170-190 calories, you get a nice balance to make you feel full, satisfy your sweet tooth, but not overload on the calories to make you feel like you have to work out like crazy to work off that snack.

The Candid RD Reviews NuGo Slim

The only bar I've ever known to have only 2-3 grams of sugar and zero artificial sweeteners (including zero bloat-inducing sugar alcohols!). Have I mentioned that they also have an excellent source of fiber, protein and (in my opinion) they taste delicious?!

Nutrition Twins Reviews NuGo Slim

Our favorite thing about NuGO is they are the only company to make REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles: Kosher, gluten-free, organic, vegan, non-dairy, low sugar, high fiber, and more. We didn’t realize that there are no FDA standards for dark chocolate, causing consumers to be deceived by misleading labels on chocolate protein bars.

Gluten-Free Boston Girl Reviews NuGo Slim

The Brownie Crunch was by far my favorite. I loved the dark chocolate slightly sweet, slightly bitter taste, and the crunchiness from the almond filling. It was divine.

Kelli Bliss Reviews NuGo Slim

Great chocolate taste with rice crispy like pieces mixed in for the oh so crispy crunch! It hit the taste of a brownie right on, I can’t believe how good it tasted! It was so much better than a brownie though! Stopped my sweet craving dead in it’s tracks, really did the trick and tasted amazing.

Kaisy Daisy’s Corner Reviews NuGo Slim

I have found some great tasting dark chocolate protein snacks called NuGO Slim. There are lots of protein bars out there but they don’t all taste good and have funny after taste.

The Sweet Life with Erika Reviews NuGo Slim

In addition to being a serious dark chocoholic, I also love espresso and peanut butter (the two I got to try) so you can only imagine my happiness. The conclusion? For dark chocolate lovers who also care about healthy eating, NuGO bars are the way to go.

Daria McDermott Reviews NuGo Slim Espresso

In summary, go buy some of these bars! REAL dark chocolate. Espresso (among other flavors, but this is now my favorite!). Protein and fiber-packed. LOW sugar. No FAKE ingredients. No fillers. No artificial sweeteners. Crunchy, chocolate, yumminess.

Spark People Review NuGo Slim

Each Raspberry Truffle Bar has only 180 calories and 17g of Protein. There is 7g of Fiber and only 2g of Sugar! NICE and the Raspberry taste is great! It is ther perfect afternoon snack for me within my Snack Budget and great with a nice coffee! WOOHOO!!!

Eating for Excellence Reviews NuGo Slim

The real dark chocolate is unbelievably rich and satisfying and it’s certainly what made these bars stand out to me. The perfect palette cleanser! What amazed me most was the fact that they could taste so delicious and still have great nutritional benefits. The Raspberry Truffle was out of this world. I absolutely recommend these bars!

Gluten Freeways Reviews NuGo Slim

Many protein bars are often full of sugar and are meant more for bodybuilders than a runner like me, but with only 2 grams of sugar in NuGo Slims I feel comfortable adding them to a post-workout routine. NuGo Slim bars also excise maltitol and artificial sweetener for real dark chocolate in a bar that is really an enjoyable snack.

Fervent Foodie Reviews NuGo Slim

What’s ASTOUNDING about these bars is the taste. Apparently the folks at NuGo concocted some sort of magic spell that makes 2 grams of sugar sufficient without the need for fake sugars or sugar alcohols. Let me repeat. These bars taste GREAT and they only have 2g of sugar. Real sugar, not the fake crap. My world has been rocked.

Seventeenth and Irving Reviews NuGo Slim

Who doesn’t love chocolate + peanut butter? The taste is just like a nice candy bar without all that cardboard texture like most protein bars have. You’ll actually find yourself craving these. Reviews NuGo Slim

I felt satisfied when I was finished with these bars and they held me over until my next meal, which is not an easy task. With all of the running & training that I currently do, I am always eating. Snacks that don’t have protein and fiber in them don’t hold me over and I find myself hungry again in the next hour.

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