X-Treme X-Training Reviews NuGo STRONGER

These NuGo Bars are lower in sugar, rice/whey based and deliciously easy to pack along. My favorite? I'd have to say I'm partial to the Carrot Cake and Caramel Pretzel.

Best Pre-Workout for Women Reviews NuGo STRONGER

Coming up with innovative flavors without sacrificing the integrity and 'natural' composition of their product is a real challenge - but I think NuGo pulled it off with all three flavors that I tried.

FitnessForLife247365 Reviews NuGo STRONGER

Finding anything healthy that's gluten free and packed with good protein is hard to find. Add finding one that actually tastes great and it's close to impossible...until now!!

Coach Levi Reviews NuGo Stronger

Insanely delicious!! It’s a very sweet bar, in a good way. Not overly sweet, not artificially sweet. More like, real caramel sweet. It’s so good! The best part is that you get real textures, one of which is pretzel. This is probably the best tasting protein bar I’ve ever had!

About.com Bodybuilding Reviews NuGo Stronger

The nutritional profile of the bars is good, but what stands out the most is the taste. Each of the four flavors, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, caramel cluster and peanut cluster tasted like candy bars.

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