Come for the flavor, stay for the fiber.

Let’s dream up your ideal snack. It’s probably something tasty and satisfying – but you don’t want to feel guilty about eating it. In fact, eating it should make you feel better! Enter Fiber d’LishTM. Each crave-worthy, fruity, nutty or dessert-like d’Lish fiber bar provides 12 g of all-natural fiber that helps to fill you up without weighing you down. No artificial ingredients or empty calories. Just delicious flavor, and fiber that helps with heart health, weight management, and regularity. There’s a Fiber d’Lish bar for any time you’re in the mood for a delicious, nutritious and filling snack! Dream achieved!

  • Non-GMO Bars

    NuGo Nutrition is strongly committed to the health of our customers and their families, which is why we source non-GMO ingredients for our NuGo Fiber d'LishTM line.

  • No Soy Bars

    Fiber d'LishTM packs in lots of whole grains without the soy. No soy*. Just taste. 
    *Blondie Bar contains soy lecithin.

  • Vegan Bars

    With 7 vegan flavors*, we are sure Fiber d'LishTM will have multiple flavors you'll love! 
    *Blondie Bar is not vegan.

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