Vegan, Gluten Free and Low Sugar

As the only vegan, low sugar protein cookie, we had to make sure things were perfect! We started with what we wanted: 10g protein and <1-2g sugar. Then we made the ingredients certified vegan, certified gluten free, Non-GMO verified and OU Pareve. We perfected the taste for the ultimate keto friendly indulgence, so those who eat low carb or follow the keto diet can enjoy these delicious soft-baked cookies without interrupting ketosis. See why we had no issues calling it the NuGo® Perfect Cookie!

  • Low Sugar

    You would never know that our NuGo® Perfect Cookie has only <1-2g sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Our cookies have the perfect amount of sweetness while still being a guilt free indulgence.

  • Vegan

    We thought that making the only vegan, low sugar protein cookie would be tough but we knew it was worth it! Our NuGo® Perfect Cookie is made with 10g of plant based protein and only vegan ingredients.

  • Keto

    With 5-7 net carbs and <1-2g of sugar, this is the perfect keto friendly indulgence. Followers of the keto diet can enjoy these delicious cookies without interrupting ketosis.

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