Fan of the Month: Whitney Sargent

Fan of the Month: Whitney Sargent

In the summer of 2014, Whitney Sargent was researching vegan protein bars to fit her needs and tried NuGo bars for the first time. Since then, she learned that she is gluten intolerant and has become a self-proclaimed “fan for life” of NuGo Dark. Whitney is pursuing a Doctorate of Pharmacy at the University of New England, where she is captain of the Equestrian Team. She is also very active in the gym (lifting and cardio) to help supplement her riding fitness.

Whitney’s favorite flavors are NuGo Dark Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Coconut and Peanut Butter Cup. “As a student in a graduate level degree program, I have very few breaks throughout the day and NuGo bars are perfectly satisfying for getting me through the day,” said Whitney. She eats five per week as a post-workout snack or a snack between classes.

“The taste is incomparable to any other protein bar I have tried; kind of like a candy bar which suits my sweet tooth perfectly,” explained Whitney. “Also, they are a very reasonable size! I used to be consistently disappointed with new protein bars because they were so small, but these are perfect!”

Follow Whitney on Instagram, where she posts many super photos of NuGo Bars and her active life.

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