How Do You NuGo? With Extra Peanut Butter!

We love this video we spotted on YouTube, featuring Michael Baker eating a NuGo bar in a very unique way. While on his long bike ride (from Ohio to Niagara Falls to Connecticut!) he created a video of himself enjoying his second NuGo bar of the day. He says he’s going to put a little extra “spice” on his NuGo bar… In the form of peanut butter, which he slathers all over the top of the bar. What a fabulous idea- though we’re pretty sure Michael should try to get his hands on our new NuGo Dark Peanut Butter Cup bars. Something tells us he’d love them.

Thanks for showing us how you enjoy your NuGo bars, Michael. We hope they continue to sustain you on your long journey!

We’d love to see how YOU enjoy NuGo bars, too. Feel free to make your own YouTube video… And we might feature it here on the NuGo blog!

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