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NuGo Fan of the Month: Nuria Sanchez-Morgan

NuGo Fan of the Month: Nuria Sanchez-Morgan

Four years ago, Nuria was searching for a gluten-free protein bar without dairy and found NuGo Dark at Whole Foods. Nuria and her two kids have celiac disease. She has a dairy allergy.

“I started eating NuGo bars when I was pregnant with my son Lucas. The first three months were tricky with nausea and I was teaching full-time. I needed a healthy protein snack to take to school and it was love at first bite with the NuGo bars. I was hooked!”

She is a high school science teacher who teaches Chemistry and AP Biology. She does cardio and weights and is planning on getting back into yoga. Nuria found out she had celiac disease about eight years ago, after her daughter was born. When her daughter was also diagnosed with celiac disease, it motivated her to get into the kitchen and start baking more so her daughter would not miss out on all the fun stuff. She said, “Eight years later, there are more gluten-free alternatives to pick from at the store but it's still nice to be able to make whatever we are craving at home.”

Nuria and her daughter eat NuGo Dark as an afternoon snack and pack NuGo on outings. Nuria loves NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Her 8-year-old daughter enjoys NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip. Soon, her 3-year-old son will likely share their love of NuGo Dark.

Nuria explained what she likes best about NuGo Dark.

“The taste! They feel like a treat but they have a good amount of protein and fat in them so you don't feel hungry right after eating them. I also like that NuGo uses real dark chocolate and not vegetable fats in their bars. Please sign their petition!”

She shared this great advice for people with celiac disease and/or food allergies.

“Don't be defined by your food allergies! There are options out there for you. I am always searching for new bakeries, restaurants and ice cream shops to go to with my kids. I think it's important for them to see that they can still eat out and have all the fun.”

Visit Nuria’s blog, Peonies and a Latte, where she shares gluten-free recipes and her motherhood journey. Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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