NuGo Fan of the Month: Kim Frazier

NuGo Fan of the Month: Kim Frazier

Kim has been eating NuGo for well over a year. She first discovered the bars on an online shopping site, read all the great reviews, and bought her first box. She was skeptical that a chocolate pretzel bar could actually be healthy and taste great, but “I was so, so wrong.” She said.

Kim has tried so many different diets that it’s almost embarrassing. For the past 15 + years she has devoted so much time and energy trying to understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of virtually every diet. Her conclusion is that there in no one perfect diet, and different people can thrive on very different ways of eating. These days, she focuses on eating a variety of whole foods. As an aging person, she’s learned that it’s important to keep her protein intake up, as macronutrient absorption can tend to degrade with age, and a special effort must be paid to maintaining muscle mass.

Kim has a hard time picking just one favorite.

“I started with dark chocolate pretzel and it’s still a home run for me. But honestly, I have become enthralled with the higher protein options in the Stronger line, and the fiber line is great, too, since it’s important to focus on daily fiber intake. But right now, my favorite flavor is Stronger Dark Chocolate Caramel.”

Kim and her husband love NuGo. They eat around 10-15 per week, and more if they are traveling or it’s hiking season. They are both active and busy, and bars that are “clean” and taste good are just what they need and want.

“These are such handy items to have on hand to eat when you find yourself in locations with few healthy options, or when you are pressed for time. I have no concerns about eating the bars so frequently because they do not contain any ingredients that concern me.”

Kim likes NuGo bars because of the taste and the quality of ingredients.

“There are bars out there that have good ingredients and are healthy, but most of them just don’t taste that great. Or there are ones that taste good, but really aren’t that different from eating candy. These are a great option for vegans and vegetarians, but really for absolutely anyone who wants a high quality, delicious tasting bar, because the whey options are great as well. They are great as snacks and for me, sometimes as meal replacements.”

Kim has been working for 25 years in the corporate world as a recruiting/organizational development consultant. About 15 years ago after losing over 50 pounds and getting into the best shape of her life, she made a career shift. Kim became certified as a personal trainer, a holistic lifestyle coach, and a health and wellness coach. She ended up coaching many people who were like her: midlife, demanding jobs, and who needed to regroup and refocus in order to regain their health. Kim does it all, she loves weight lifting, rebounding, hiking, walking, and she recently started pilates and aerial yoga.

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