Peas Meet Cookies

Peas Meet Cookies

Cookies and peas – two distinctively different foods with distinctively different flavors. One might not imagine how a nutrient readily found in peas might turn out to be a valued ingredient in cookies. In the case of NuGo protein cookies, the marriage has been made.

Benefits of peas and pea protein

As a starchy vegetable, peas are a sweet source of energy, essential vitamins, fiber and protein. A ½ cup serving contains over four grams of fiber, contributing to feelings of satiety following meals, and keeping blood cholesterol in check. With this much fiber, peas are a strong addition to meeting daily fiber needs over the course of a day. Antioxidants such as lutein and Vitamin A contribute to heart and eye health, and it’s worth mentioning their iron content – significant enough to make a moderate contribution to meeting daily needs.

What makes peas really stand out, where you might not expect, is their protein content. Pea protein, a vegan alternative to Whey protein, in a 3-tablespoon serving contains a hefty 24 grams of protein, and just two grams of fat and 1 gram of carbohydrate.

Do these cookies taste like peas?

But pea protein in a cookie? C’mon. Turns out, pea protein has a neutral flavor and blends well with other ingredients. No, these cookies do not taste like peas. Another perk – pea protein packs more protein per serving than its vegan counterpart, hemp protein. It is a better source of essential amino acids and therefore a more complete protein.

Bottom line

If it is a somewhat nutrient dense cookie you are seeking, NuGo Protein Cookies may fit the bill. With eight grams of plant-based protein per serving and six grams of fiber, this vegan and gluten free cookie packs some sturdy nutritional value and could be a worthwhile option for a post-workout recharge. And let’s not kid ourselves, most of us enjoy eating a cookie every now and again. When you decide to give them a try, share one with a friend or workout partner, or eat some now and save the rest for later. Above all, savor every slow bite.

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