Benefits of Working with an RDN

Benefits of Working with an RDN

The weather has inspired you to make some lifestyle changes, and perhaps even consider a few changes to your daily eating plan. Using innovative and inspiring strategies, a Registered Dietitian (RD) or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) can help guide you in your efforts to food and health improvement.

The benefits of working with registered dietitians can extend beyond their traditional role of providing nutrition information and education. Here are five more benefits of working with an RD or RDN.

1) Tailored Approach to Diet

One size doesn’t fit all, and because each person is a unique individual, dietitians can help you establish a tailored plan based on your health needs, food preferences, and lifestyle goals. You receive support to help you set priorities, monitor your progress, and maintain your success. RDs know how to consider and coordinate your specific needs.

2) Disease and Food Allergy Management

Whether it’s high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, celiac disease, food allergies, or lactose intolerance, an RD or RDN understands your condition. He or she can also help you to better understand your condition too, and the impact nutrition can have. Because some nutritional conditions can be overwhelming and a challenge to manage, an RD/RDN can help you create a realistic eating plan that includes all of the important nutrients you need while identifying necessary substitutions for both a balanced and delicious diet. An RD can also help you find the best snacks for your lifestyle. For example, protein bars for vegans or low glycemic NuGo bars.

3) Effective and Long-term Weight Loss

Studies have shown that working with a registered dietitian/nutritionist can increase the chances of losing weight and maintaining weight loss. A registered dietitian can partner with you to develop a safe and effective plan that works for you and is realistic to maintain over the long-term. With strategies like mindful eating, creative meal planning, and journaling, an RD will help you make permanent changes for permanent weight loss.

4) Support and Motivation

In addition to providing nutrition information and advice, registered dietitians are trained to empower their clients by providing support and motivation. An RD will help you hold yourself accountable to making and maintaining lifestyle changes. They will celebrate your successes and help you adapt to and overcome challenges.

5) Problem Solving

Nutrition professionals recognize that changing one’s lifestyle isn’t easy, and inevitably, we all experience roadblocks. RDs not only consider the physical aspects of change but the emotional aspects too. A registered dietitian can work with you to find solutions to challenges, and tweak your plan to make it work for you!

What we eat and how we eat plays a major role in our overall wellbeing and quality of life. As one of the premier authorities in providing evidence-based nutrition information, an RD or RDN can help you maximize your potential for making dietary and other lifestyle changes for optimal health.

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