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All New!
Chocolate Protein Powder with scoopBack of Chocolate Protein Powder
Chocolate Protein Powder Sale price$48.00
All New!
Vanilla Protein Powder with scoopBack of Vanilla Protein Powder
Vanilla Protein Powder Sale price$48.00
Real Dark Chocolate
NuGo Dark Chocolate PretzelNuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bar and Box
Chocolate Pretzel Sale price$21.00
Real Dark Chocolate
NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate ChipNuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar and Box
Mint Chocolate Chip Sale price$21.00
Real Dark ChocolateVegan
NuGo Slim Crunchy Peanut ButterNuGo Slim Crunchy Peanut Butter Bar and Box
Crunchy Peanut Butter Sale price$23.00
Yogurt Covered
NuGo Original Vanilla YogurtNuGo Original Vanilla Yogurt Bar and Box
Vanilla Yogurt Sale price$23.00
Real Dark Chocolate
NuGo Slim Brownie CrunchNuGo Slim Bronwi Crunch Bar and Box
Brownie Crunch Sale price$23.00
Real Dark Chocolate
NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate ChipNuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bar and Box
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Sale price$21.00
Real Dark Chocolate
NuGo Organic Double Dark ChocolateNuGo Organic Double Dark Chocolate  Bar and Box
Double Dark Chocolate Sale price$24.00
All New!Yogurt Covered
NuGo Original Churro BarNuGo Original Churro Bar and Box
Churro Sale price$23.00

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Top Selling Product Lines

Here are our top 3 selling product lines!

Woman Smilling and holding a Chocolate Almond Bar close up

NuGo Dark

No other protein bar does indulgence quite like this one! Our top selling line is a group of 7 of the best tasting protein bars on the market! Coated in real dark chocolate, vegan and gluten-free. What's not to love?

NuGo Slim Crunchy Peanut Butter and Toasted Almond in woman's hand, close up and outside

NuGo Slim

With 3g of Sugar or less, Slim is your go-to option for those looking to reduce sugar without sacrificing flavor.

Young Boy eating NuGo Original Peanut Butter Chocolate

NuGo Original

Nothing beats the original! Crunchy, crispy and milk chocolate or yogurt covered, NuGo Original bars are loved by all ages.

NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip on Leaf backgroundDark Chocolate drizzled over Dark Chocolate Bar

Real Dark Chocolate

Most brands put chocolate on bars because, well that's the thing to do. Unfortunately, it is fake chocolate made with palm oil!

At NuGo, chocolate is not just an ingredient; it's at the core of what we do. We're more like chocolatiers that make protein bars!

Our bars feature premium, rich, real dark chocolate - nothing fake here!!

Your Snack, Your Way

Indulge in the perfect blend of flavor & nutrition that's tailor-made to fit your lifestyle. NuGo bars come in a range of choices, including vegan, gluten-free, & low sugar flavors.

So whether you're looking to cut carbs, avoid gluten, or give plant-based a try, there's a NuGo Bar for you.