Egg White Protein

The Benefits of Egg White Protein

The Benefits of Egg White Protein

Egg white protein is top-quality protein that is low in calories. Filled with nutrients, egg white protein is a popular ingredient used in and found in many recipes, shakes, and protein and paleo-style nutrition bars. Given its value as a high quality natural protein, egg whites and egg white protein powder have been a favored food supplement for many years, even more so than whey protein. Paleo diet-friendly and lactose free, there are several more nutrition benefits to this muscle-repairing protein as well.

The Perks of Egg White Protein

Egg white protein is the clear liquid in a chicken egg that surrounds the yolk – a small but mighty package of nutrition. Egg white protein powder is made from dried egg whites. From a nutrition perspective, the benefits of egg white protein are quite impressive. With 90% water and 10% protein, egg whites contain no fat. In addition, while whole eggs are full of dietary cholesterol, (along with two grams of saturated fat) all the cholesterol and fat is found in the yolk. Egg whites are both cholesterol-free and fat free.

You already know they are high in protein, but egg whites contain four grams of protein, more than half of a full egg’s six grams. And, the protein found in egg whites is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids in the amounts our bodies need to function optimally. Further, egg whites are quite low in calories at just about 16 calories per egg white. Tack on the yolk, and the whole package is still just about 70 calories. Vitamins A, B, D and E all have a recognizable presence in egg whites, in addition to several other minerals as well.

NuGo Egg White Protein Bars

Get the power of egg white protein in a new whole food, paleo bar with 12-14g of protein. Enjoy NuGo Egg White Protein Bars in four delicious gluten-free flavors made with clean, simple ingredients! NuGo starts with the highest quality real fruits and nuts, then adds in three non-GMO egg whites, a complete protein.

Bottom Line

Egg white and egg white protein is a useful supplemental protein for individuals who are aiming to increase their protein consumption without increase their consumption of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. Egg whites also are a good source of high-quality and low-fat protein for those who are aiming to limit their calorie intake for the purpose of weight management or to meet other dietary needs.

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