old NuGo logo with three of the Originators

Our Story

It started with a simple belief: great taste and great nutrition don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Twenty years ago, this inspired NuGo Nutrition to create the only nutrition bars with decadent taste, wholesome nutrition, and quality ingredients. Since those early days, our core values have not wavered, but our ambition has grown. What began as a vision to create great-tasting, nutrition to go has evolved into a mission to pioneer unique, delectable nutrition bars and cookies for many lifestyles. We’ve transformed what it means to be convenient and delicious, and we honestly can’t wait to keep bringing you more!

Woman sitting on counter with NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip in hand

Our Commitment

At NuGo, our goal is to be better. Better for our customers. Better for our community. Better for our family of employees. Better for the environment. We never put our bottom line above the best interest of our customers. That’s why we’re proud to be the only major protein bar company coating bars in REAL dark chocolate. Other companies cut costs by mixing their cocoa solids with vegetable fats like palm kernel oil to make imitation chocolate without the taste, texture or health benefits of REAL chocolate. Health and nutrition are our top priorities. We will never replace Real Dark Chocolate with less-tasty, less-healthy palm oil coating.

Dark Chocolate Drizzle on NuGo Dark bar surrounded by chocolate chips

Our Products

You and your family deserve the best. At NuGo Nutrition, we believe that the freshest, healthiest ingredients are also the best tasting. Our nutrition bars are made with wholesome, naturally delicious, non-GMO ingredients. We’re committed to keeping trans fats, artificial sweeteners, stomach-upsetting maltitol and high-fructose corn syrup out of NuGo products. We use only real ingredients for healthy, active lifestyles. Whether you give your child a NuGo bar or grab one for yourself, you can be confident that you’re getting great nutrition and great taste in every bite.

20 years and 1 Billion Bars Later...

a brief history of NuGo

old NuGo logo with three of the Originators

The Beginning


An idea for a family-oriented nutrition bar is thrown around the kitchen.

3 Organic Bars on counter with tablet

Organic Introduced


NuGo expands to introduce the only USDA Certified Organic nutrition bar at the time.

Dark Chocolate Drizzle on NuGo Dark bar surrounded by chocolate chips

Real Dark Chocolate


NuGo recognizes Americans' love for dark chocolate and releases 3 flavors of non-dairy NuGo Dark protein bars

Smiling woman opening a NuGo Slim Raspberry Truffle bar

NuGo Slim


NuGo introduces a low sugar, high protein bar; NuGo Slim with 5 flavors, 2 flavors being vegan!

NuGo Fiber Blueberry Bars out of wrappers and stacked

Fiber Love


Welcome to the family! NuGo acquires Gnu Fiber Love & renames it Fiber d’Lish.

NuGo Dark Chocolate Almond bar in front of Womans Face

New Flavor


Our most popular line, NuGo Dark, adds a delicious new option, Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt.

All New

Plant Protein

A powerhouse with 20g protein, 3-4g sugar, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. Crafted with care, it boasts minimal, clean ingredients—no artificial sweeteners. Enjoy the silky texture and rich flavors of Chocolate and Vanilla. It's more than a protein powder; it's a commitment to pure, delicious plant-based nutrition.