Crispy Cat Candy Bars Get Some Love

While we’re much loved for our nutrition bars here at NuGo Nutrition, many don’t realize we also have a line of delicious candy bars. Yes, candy bars! They’re called Crispy Cat Candy Bars and, not only are they made with REAL dark chocolate, but they’re also packed with all kinds of good stuff and are certified gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and non GMO. The Mint Coconut and Chocolate Sundae bars are also 100% USDA certified organic, while the Toasted Almond bar is 95% USDA certified organic. Talk about a candy bar you can feel good about!

The Candy Fan recently tried our Mint Coconut Crispy Cat bar and loved it so much she wrote a blog post about it. She admits she was a bit skeptical of the coconut/mint combination at first, but once she took a bite, she says, “My first bite was overwhelmingly fresh and minty with a bit of dark chocolate thrown in. As I finished chewing, the coconut arrived on the scene. I was surprised enough to stare at the bar and actually say, ‘Ooh.’ The Crispy Cat is a clever girl.” We like to think so, too.

She also claims the Crispy Cat bar gave her exactly what she wants from a good candy break: “Just floating on my snack cloud, not thinking about anything in particular except how good it was.” Yup, eating REAL dark chocolate always makes us feel like we’re floating on clouds.

Read The Candy Fan’s full review to see exactly how she initially compares chocolate, coconut, and mint to TLC’s Sister Wives. Yes, you have to read it.

And, in the meantime, check out our full line of Crispy Cat Candy Bars as a delicious supplement to your daily NuGo Nutrition fix!

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