Dark Chocolate May Improve Eyesight

Attention Bugs Bunny: Put that carrot down. And pick up a NuGo Dark instead! We figured we’d end the week with a bang and give you just one more reason to enjoy some dark chocolate this weekend. A study out of the University of Reading in England has shown that your eyesight may actually be improved immediately after eating dark chocolate.

The study tested a group of 30 people twice: Once after they had a dark chocolate bar and once after they had a white chocolate bar. The study determined that participants performed better on vision tests (and some brain function tests, too) after they ate the dark chocolate bar. What does this tell us? Well, while it’s already known that flavanols increase blood flow to the brain, it’s now also believed that they increase blood flow to the retina of the eye.

Studies are still being done to confirm this research, but we’re already chowing down on the dark chocolate to amp up our eyesight. And we’re suggesting Bugs Bunny does the same.

As you know, NuGo Dark bars (and several other NuGo bar varieties) are made with REAL dark chocolate, which means you’re getting all those flavanol benefits that could be helping your eyesight- in addition to lots of other benefits.

Have a happy, dark chocolate-filled weekend!

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