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Healthy Snacking Prevents Overeating

Making healthy food choices and controlling portions are difficult when you are starving. However, when you eat healthy snacks, they actually prevent you from overeating and may help with weight management. Snacks also help you get essential nutrients in your diet. Even the new MyPlate guidelines recommend eating healthy snacks.

Here is some important advice on choosing healthy snacks from Fit Sugar.

Snacking on the right combination of protein and complex carbs can beat an afternoon slump and help get you through the day. Snacking regulates your blood sugar to combat a drop in energy, which can be the difference between skipping an evening workout or powering through one before dinner.”

One of the most important things to remember with keeping snacking healthy is to make sure that you are prepared. You should plan on eating two snacks a day, says nutritionist Alexa Fishback — one should be under 100 calories and one should be more substantial, 100-200 calories. And, as celebrity trainer Valerie Waters adds, it’s important to time snacks correctly so they help you get from meal to meal.”

NuGo protein bars have between 170 and 200 calories, so you can feel good about eating one each day as a substantial healthy snack. Or, eat half a NuGo bar for a snack that is less than 100 calories. Share the other half with a friend or family member or save it for later. Thank goodness snack time isn’t just for kids!

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