NuGo Athlete of the Month: Cali Schweikhart

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Cali Schweikhart

Cali Schweikhart is a 21 year old obstacle course racer from Cold Spring, NY. Her very first obstacle race was in 2015 at the NJ Spartan Super. She was taking a gap-year from college after leaving Boston University. She really wanted something to train for and wanted to challenge herself. “I have always loved fitness and training, so my friend recommended that I do a Spartan Race. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” she said. From the moment she toed the start line, she was hooked.

“My experience in the sport since then has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve continued to train and grow as an athlete and competitor, traveled and raced in beautiful places around the world, and have also been fortunate enough to make so many great friends as a result of this sport and its amazing community.”

Her greatest accomplishment thus far was her recent win at the 2018 NJ Spartan Beast this past April. This race was 13.5 miles with 4500 feat of elevation gain and over 30 obstacles. “I trained really hard for that race and was ecstatic to take the win in a strong field of elite women," she said. Besides that win, she also won the 2017 NJ Spartan Super, which made her one of the youngest females to ever win a Spartan Race at the elite level at 21 years old.

“In 2018 and beyond, I just want to keep working to be the best that I can be in this sport. Being so young, I lack the years-long running background that most of the current top competitors have. I want to take my time to continue to grow as an OCR athlete and do everything I can to become one of the best athletes in the sport.”

Cali loves so many of the NuGo products, but her favorite is the NuGo Dark line. Her top flavors are Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter Cup. She likes NuGo bars for many reasons. She enjoys having NuGo bars on hand to help her refuel after training because they have a great ratio of carbs to protein, which is important for recovery. They serve their purpose nutritionally and are also a delicious treat! She explained what she loves best about NuGo.

“First of all, I love that they are filling and substantial, which can’t be said for many protein/nutrition bars on the market. I also love that they are made from clean and nutritious ingredients and include important antioxidants and nutrients! Their texture is awesome too. I love the crunch of the NuGo Dark line!”

Cali played competitive basketball throughout high school and played Division 1 soccer at Boston University before transferring schools. She recently graduated with a psychology degree from Marist College. She currently works as a goalkeeper coach, private soccer trainer, and private tutor. Besides training for OCR and racing, she loves doing anything that is related to being with animals especially dogs, traveling and exploring new places, and singing.

Follow Cali’s journey to be the best on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

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