NuGo Athlete of the Month: Ryan Brown

NuGo Athlete of the Month: Ryan Brown

In August 2015, the International Olympic Committee officially recognized the World Flying Disc Federation, making disc golf and ultimate frisbee official Olympic sports. For competitive disc golfers like 30-year-old Ryan Brown, this major recognition opens up new possibilities.

After starting a hobby in disc golf in 2013 while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, Ryan has now gone pro. He quickly became passionate about disc golf after his brother introduced him to it, playing recreationally near his home in Bethlehem, PA. He played his first tournament at the Intermediate level at the 35th annual Conrad Weiser Homestead. This was the first time that the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) recognized it as a sanctioned event. Since moving up to pro, he was challenged more, but was so grateful to be a part of the event as a fellow PDGA member. His goal for 2016 is to move from intermediate to the advanced division.

“Having to be constantly moving while playing disc golf and carrying a 20 lb bag for 8 hours, NuGo bars are great and super easy to throw in and eat while walking,” said Ryan. He loves all three flavors in the NuGo Organic line as well as new NuGo Dark Spicy Chocolate. Ryan explained, “NuGo is just sweet enough that it is that little sugar pick me up that I need, but also has the protein to keep me going when the tournaments run long!”

Ryan works as a warehouse supervisor for a manufacturing plant and recently bought a new home, which keeps him plenty busy along with his three dogs. He is part of a recreational sports league, Lehigh Valley Sport & Social, and enjoys playing dodgeball, kickball and touch football with his friends in the group.

In the future, Ryan will be posting photos on Instagram as @rbrown_blindsquirrel_dg. Follow Ryan’s PDGA progress.

Get Ryan’s favorite bars now – NuGo Organic.

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