Nugo Safe to Eat

January 29, 2009


NuGo Safe to EAT

Expanded recall does NOT affect NuGo

As the peanut butter recall expands, NuGo is issuing a re-confirmation that ALL NUGO MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS ARE STILL SAFE TO EAT. We do NOT purchase anything from the Peanut Corporation of America or their affiliated brands. Our standard operating procedure is to test every production batch for any microbiologic presence including that of salmonella bacteria. We are shocked some major food companies have ceased these testing procedures which we consider mandatory. As an independent company, we always stand behind our quality and we are proud to meet or exceed FDA, USDA, Kosher, and/or Gluten Free guidelines.

Company president David Levine ensures people that, “As an independent food company, we invest our time and money into testing every lot of product to ensure its high quality and safety. NuGo is safe to eat.” Levine continues by telling consumers to check manufacturer’s websites or call their toll free numbers: “There are great food companies like NuGo who have never purchased from PCA and who remain unaffected by this recall. This is an unconscionable act of negligence by one company (PCA) and is not in any way representative of NuGo’s safety and health practices.”

About NuGo Nutrition

At NuGo, our mission is to help people make better snack choices that are healthy, delicious and contain all natural or organic ingredients. Simply put, we’re disappointed in the food industry, as they’ve become careless with the products they sell to consumers. At NuGo, we’re different. We never use hydrogenated oils or trans-fats in our products. We use only all natural, top quality ingredients, like real milk and dark chocolate to make our bars the best tasting, healthiest options available. All of our products are also made under strict kosher supervision.

Currently NuGo Nutrition offers:

  • NuGo Family Nutrition (all natural, certified low glycemic), OU Dairy
  • NuGO Organic (vegan, USDA certified organic) OU Dairy
  • NuGo Dark (dairy free, OU Pareve)
  • NuGO FREE Gluten Free (soy free, dairy free, OU Pareve)
  • KeriBar (fruit & nut, circle k Pareve)
  • Smarte Carb (high protein, sugar free, OU Dairy)

NuGo bars can be purchased in many retail locations, online at or by calling toll free 1-888-421-2032. NuGo is also available at various retail locations internationally in Israel, Canada and New Zealand.


Alyssa Wilson

Director of Consumer Affairs

NuGo Nutrition

(888) 421-2032

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