NuGo Travels to Afghanistan

NuGo Travels to Afghanistan

We recently learned of two NuGo fans in Afghanistan at the Bagram Air Field. Their loving family members send them NuGo bars in care packages.

One fan shared photos on Facebook from care packages he receives in Afghanistan at the Bagram Air Field. He told us that he now has to lock the NuGo bars in his file cabinet to protect them from being eaten by others. He eats a NuGo bar every day!

We received a wonderful email from the parents of a pilot stationed at the Bagram Air Field in Kabul, Afghanistan. His parents said they have sent him at least 20 boxes of NuGo bars in the last three years!

“He mentioned the last time we spoke that he was one of the most popular pilots at briefings because he would pass out NuGo Bars to his crew! He calls them his ‘flight food’ since they carry nothing issued on board the plane. We pray that it helps keep them strong and alert. Anyway, on behalf of our son and some of the men and women he serves with, we wanted to thank all those involved with making and marketing such a fine product. We certainly enjoy them, too!”

As they proudly serve our country, they can also be proud that they are eating bars made in the USA!

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